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This will be the best $60 that you will spend in 2024!!! You will have access to all nine sessions in this program, fabulous value! Even if you attended these sessions in 2023 we are certain that you will learn new things and benefit from these classes in 2024!


These 9 sessions are designed to help you get the most from your Bernina. The classes cover the use of specialty feet and will help demystify techniques that you never thought possible with your machine. These sessions offer so much more than just information about a foot!


In each session we will demonstrate the use of the foot and allow you to trial the foot and techniques using our machines where appropriate. Learn new skills or trouble shoot issues you may be having with the techniques being covered.


We will also be available to assist you with other issues you may have during these sessions, where time permits. In situations such as this we recommend that you bring your machine with you so we can observe your technique and provide the appropriate assistance.


AM Sessions 10am to 12MD

PM Sessions 1pm to 3pm


By purchasing this program you will gain access to all 9 sessions held throughout 2024, as listed below;


February 8th

1/4" Feet

Mastering a 1/4" seam isn't just a matter of installing a foot. In this class we will examine the wide variety of 1/4" feet available to you, determine which one suits you best & then introduce you to the Dress Makers assistant function that will simply blow your mind! Do not miss this session!


March 7th

Overlocker & Zipper Feet

This humble little foot will take you from finishing an edge to installing the most perfect zipper! Who would have thought? We will also look at the regular zipper foot and the invisible hem foot. A session filled with lots of very useful information!


April 4th 

Free Motion Feet Including #72 the Ruler Work Foot

From the number 9 and 24 feet to the BSR! This session will cover it all. How to get the most from your machine when it comes to free motion. We will also take some time to examine the BSR in our Q Series machines & how to maximise their potential. We will also look at various other factors that will help you with free motion, including spray basition, marking & also cover some basic free motion patterns.


May 2nd

Gathering Feet & Narrow Folded Hem Feet

These feet are some of our favourite feet of all time! Create a professional finish to garments & bags. There are many feet available in this range, learn which one to use and when to use it. We will also cover gathering and then wow you with the extraordinary abilities of the Bernina Ruffler foot. A very full session!


June 6th

Buttonholes, Buttons & Edge Stitching

This class will cover buttonholes, sewing on buttons and the effective use of the Dressmakers Assistant to assist you to obtain the best possible result with your next project. We will also take a look at my favorite foot of all time, the Edge Stitch foot, this is a masterful foot when it comes to obtaining a professional finish to all of your projects.


August 1st

Binding Feet

Binding Feet are truely amazing when used correctly! Take a look at how to achieve a fabulously finished binding in two simple steps. Determine which model is the correct one for you and make note of all the details you need to use it effectively. We will also take you through the use of our Binding makers as well in this fun session. 


September 5th 

Mastering the Walking Foot

In this session we will demystify the walking foot and uncover the many different applications of this extraordinary foot. We will look ate not only quilting applications but also its clever use when matching stripes. You will also take home some fun suggestions for straight line quilting patterns for your next project.


October 3rd

Narrow Folded Hem Feet

These feet are some of our favourite feet of all time! Create a professional finish to garments & bags. There are many feet available in this range, learn which one to use and when to use it.


November 7th 

Accessories Day!

The last day of our Foot Club of the year will be a very fun look at varouis accessories including the Embroidery Module. In addion to this we will look at any other items that you might be wanting to touch on - just let us know and we will come prepared!!!


Please note no refunds or rescheduling will be provided if you are unable to attend any of these sessions.

Bernina Foot Club 2024

  • No refunds or exchanges are available for these classes. Please sellect  / book carefiully as no exceptions to this rule will be made.

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