Robot Riot is a fabulous quilt! The combination of quirky robots and the dimention of the trapunto truely make this a delightf to any little person in your life!


As you will be heavily supported in the construction of this quilt it is suitable for a beginner quilter.


This is will be the second time that we have offered this project as a series of classes and I am very much looking forwartd to watching these new quilts develop over the next 12 months. The program will run over a 12 month period including 7 classes. The most exciting development for this project is, that all of the applique shapes will be prefused & precut to size - a HUGE time saver!!!! This will revolutionaise the amount of time required to complete this project. This element will potentially reduct the amount of homework involved by 75%!!!!


This group will meet on a Friday. 

In order to participate in this program you will are agreeing to pay a  monthly fee of $125 per month for 12 payments. In purchasing this program you will only be paying for the first payment at this point. The total cost for the program is $1500 paid over the 12 month period of the program.

When you book this program here you will pay the first instalment of $125. You will be contacted by the shop for subsequent payments on the first Monday of every month for the following 11 months.


You DO NOT need to have attended one of Kellie's beginners classes to participate in this program. This program will take you from the basics through to the more complex techniques used to complete this quilt. You will receive an additional small skill building projects / tasks to further develop your technique in each of the seven classes included in the program.


This fee covers the following items;

  • Robot Riot Pattern, placement diagrams 
  • A total of 9 classes held on Thursdays spaced as evenly as possible throughout the year - dates listed below. This tuition covers completion of raw edge appliqué, trapunto and it will get you, at least, to a point where you will feel confident to tackle the free motion quilting yourself - obviously this is all dependent upon how you progress with your homework between classes.
  • All fabrics to complete the quilt top, including; background fabric & fabric for the appliqué shapes. 
  • All applique shapes will be fused & pre-cut to size.
  • Batting for both the project and to complete the trapunto.
  • Matching polyester threads for the appliqué.


What is not included in the program costs;

  • Alternative colour options - kits are supplied only as put together by Cutting Cloth. These fabrics will not be that same as the original quilt, however, they will be suitable high quality fabrics as selected by Kellie.    
  • Backing & binding fabrics.
  • Replacement fabrics, threads, fusible web, threads etc required due to errors made by the student.
  • Thread to complete the background quilting.


The classes will be held on the following dates;

March 19th - Full day class

April 23rd - Half day session 

May 21st - Half day session

June 18th - Half day session

July 16th - Half day session

August 13th - Half day session

October 22nd - Half day session

November 19th - Full day class

December 10th - Half day session


None of these dates are transferable in any way unless you have prearranged an alternative time with Kellie prior to booking. It is the participants responsibility to ensure that they are available on these dates. If you aren't able to attend one of these sessions it shouldn't impact too much on your ability to keep up with the program - this has often happened in the past and we have usually been able to arrange a work around.


Contact the shop on 9486 7781 to book or for further information.

Robot Riot - Friday Classes


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