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Pieces of me ...

2021 was a hard year for so many of us. The pandemic took a toll on us all. Lockdowns, business closures, home schooling, working from home and most of all being separated from our friends and families at a time when we needed them most.

The last twelve months for me, have been some of the most difficult days of my life. How have I managed to get through all of this? The love of my family, the strength of my friends and the making of this quilt have each played a roll in pulling me through. So often I hear women in the shop and makers in social medial refer to their sewing as their therapy. Never has a truer word been spoken. The seams in this quilt have helped mend my heart and soak up my tears. I am so grateful for my quilting and for this quilt.

Today we release the pattern for this quilt that I have called Pieces of Me. It is my first digital pattern which is both exciting and a tiny bit frightening. We will also be offering a Quilt Along that will officially begin today but you will have plenty of time to gather all of your supplies as the sewing wont begin until later in March. The idea of the Quilt Along is simply to provide a Social Network of support for those working on the quilt with Cutting Cloth acting as your Coach! We will provide realistic timeframes for completion of the various stages of the quilt and support with techniques & tools that I have used that will make construction of the quilt that little bit easier.

This is not a difficult quilt to make but it will require some stamina to get it finished!

Quilt Along Dates

15th of February - 21st of March

Purchase the pattern, collect your materials

Start cutting - we will have a video that will cover the tools that I have used to help with this process. This will be released on the 21st of February.

21st March - 10th of April

Complete Row 1

11th April

Complete Row 2

2nd May

Complete Row 3

23rd May

Complete Row 4

13th June

Complete Row 5

4th July

Complete Row 6

25th July

Complete Row 7

15th August

Complete Row 8

5th September

Complete Row 9

The Quilt Along will finish up on the 19th of September 2022. This time frame will allow three weeks to complete each row. Hopefully this will allow everyone plenty of time to keep up without placing too much pressure on anyone. I want you you love making this quilt!

Want to join in?

What do you do now?

This quilt is all about fabric. You will need a good collection of light, medium & dark prints. We are here to help with this if you need us. We have bundles of fabric that have been specifically designed to make this quilt. This is by far the most cost effective way to jump into this project with a large collection of prints at your disposal. Alternatively if you would like to put together your own prints we would be very happy to help. Pop into the shop of make an appointment or shoot us an email if you live further away. We are here to help!!!

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Great post!

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Amazing Kellie! You are so generous with your time and knowledge and design beautiful projects to bring others so much joy! THANK YOU!


Such a beautiful post Kellie! You are an amazing person 🥰 Yay for digital patterns! I have been scanning the paper ones (due to previous instances of puglet paper ripping) so having access to a proper digital pattern is excellent!! I’m so looking forward to starting Pieces of Me 💙 I have the fabric pack ready and waiting ☺️


Hi, I can’t seem to find the pattern for Pieces of Me 💙

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