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Boro is a traditional Japanese patchwork style. Boro means “ragged” or “tattered,” and was common among the nineteenth and early twentieth-century rural Japanese communities. Cotton was not common in Japan until well into the twentieth century, so when a kimono or a blanket started to become thin in a certain area, it would be patched with a small piece of scrap fabric using sashiko styled stitching in order to extend it’s life.


I have used this Boro technique to create the fabric that is used to make this adorable little drawstring bag. The pattern will guide you through both the creation of the boro fabric and finally the construction of the little drawstring bag. 


This is a simple, fun project suitable for all skill levels.


You may wish to add the specialty clips & the waxed cord to your order - look for these items in the drop down box.


Please note the fabrics supplied are not the same as those pictured however they will create a similar look.


In addition to this we also have both Pink & Blue Fabric bundles avaialbe for these projects - please note that while they are not the same as those used in my bag they are a great combination of feature fabrics, novelties, specialties & little pieces of Liberty that you will be able to combine with your own fabrics (if you choose) to make a beautiful bag. These bundles cover only the boro portion of your bag.


Finished Size: approximately 9” x 8” 


Please select your appropriate postage option.

Boro Rice Bag - Blue

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