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This range of simple one block projecs makes for a lovely gift for a friend or a lovely on the go project for yourself.

Most are relativlely simple blocks and the completion of the project relies on the maker having some prior knowledge of patchwork techniques.

All of the projects include the instructions as to how to hand piece the project however many could easily created by machine. All of the projects can be stopped at any size that work for you! Sometime the simpliest projects are the best! Templates are included in all postcards.


Postcard #1 Trip Around the World by Lucy C Kingwell 


Postcard #2 Little Diamonds by Lucy C Kingwell


Postcard #4 Not Quite 60 Degree Triangle by Lucy C Kingwell

Postcard #5 Stretched Hexagon by Jen Kingwell

Postcard #8 Two Tone Tumbler by Lucy C Kingwell


Postcard #9 Propellar I


Postcard #10  Propellar II


Postcard #12 6 pointed Star


Postcard #13 Half Hexagon


Postcard #16 Lozenge Hex



Postcard Projects

  • Please note that there are no returns on patterns or kits.

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