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Quilted is Volume Q in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration, an ongoing series of books released in whimsical (non-alphabetical) order on all manner of creative and curious topics. 

The world of quilting is vast, with an infinite range of aesthetics, influences, heritage and culture. Quilting reminds us of the artistry and ingenuity of our ancestors and allows us to explore our natural creativity. The craft slows us down in an ever-busy world and connects us to a welcoming community of kindred spirits. 

With in-depth profiles and stories of individual quilts (384 pages!), this book pieces together stories from a vast number of quilters from Denyse Schmidt, Alison Glass, Carolyn Friedlander, Tara Faughnan and so many others! 

We love this book!!!

Such a great read!

Please note that there are 4 different dust covers available for this book. Each more beautiful than the next. The specific one that you will receive will be chosen at random. 

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Quilted from Pattern to Patchwork

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