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Sashiko is a traditional Japanese, decorative, embroiudery stitch. It is a perfect technique to sample when you are looking for a slow stitching project! This art form is not only beautiful to look upon but therapeutic to complete.

Each kit includes enough fabric to complete the front and back of a standard sized placemat. The fabric panel is pre-printed with the stitching layout, specialty sashiko thread, needles & stabliser. The cost of the kit also includes the cost of regular domestic postage

A perfect, small project to sample Sashiko stitching or a lovely, thoughful gift for a friend who  loves to stitch!

The packaging shown in the picture depicts the pattern that you will recieve.

Would you like to attend a class to learn more about Sashiko Stitching? Click here for more details.

Sashiko Placemat Stitching Kit

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