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I fell in love with this little book on my last trip to the States. I visited a little quilt shop in Dallas and they had a fun little blue & white quilt with a face stitched on it. I then discovered this divine book and knew I wanted to share it with you all.


I am almost finished making my own version of this little 'ghost who was a quilt'!

We have copies of the book together with bundles of fabric that will make a throw sized quilt approximately 50" x 50". Such a lovely way to share your love of quilts with a special small person in your life.


Each bundle includes 20 fabrics similar colours to the quilt in the book. Each piece is 6" x 42". The fabric bundle inclues simple instructions to create a quilt just like the Little Ghost who was a Quilt.


More about the story ....

Ghosts are supposed to be sheets, light as air and able to whirl and twirl and float and soar. But the little ghost who is a quilt can't whirl or twirl at all, and when he flies, he gets very hot.


He doesn't know why he's a quilt. His parents are both sheets, and so are all of his friends. (His great-grandmother was a lace curtain, but that doesn't really help cheer him up.) He feels sad and left out when his friends are zooming around and he can't keep up.


But one Halloween, everything changes. The little ghost who was a quilt has an experience that no other ghost could have, an experience that only happens because he's a quilt . . . and he realizes that it's OK to be different.


No returns on books or fabric bundles.

The Little Quilt who was a Ghost

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