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Finger pin cushions

As I just drafted the title for this post I realised that on many occasions in my sewing career I have indeed used my fingers as pin cushions ... but we wont be going down that path today! Definitely not! Today I'm going to share one of my favourite little tools. A Finger Pin Cushion, it's incredibly useful and you can make a hand full in less than an hour from things you probably already have in your sewing supplies!

Finger Pin Cushion

Step 1 Select a fabric and cut it down to a 3.5" square. You can use just about anything for this. I chose off cuts of boro and sashiko, favourite little pieces of fabric ... really anything will work. If you choose something a little lighter like a Liberty Tana Lawn you may want to stabilise it first with a light weight woven fusible interfacing.

Step 2 With right sides together fold the square along the diagonal axis. Machine stitch along the two edges shown in the image, leaving a small opening for turning. Reduce your machines stitch length to approximately 2mm and don't forget to secure your stitches at the beginning and end of every seam.

Step 3 Clip the corners and turn right side out through the opening. Stuff with some fibre fill. Once you're happy with the amount of stuffing, close up the opening using a ladder stitch.

Step 4 Go ahead and mould the little triangle into a ring shape. Don't forget to test it out for size as you go. You can make the fit larger or smaller by adjusting how much fabric is turned through at the two joining corners. Once you're happy, secure the two corners together. Make sure you add plenty of strength to this seam as it will get a bit of wear & tear!

There you have it! A great little pin cushion that's particularly useful when you're hand stitching. They are very cute don't you think ... they kind of look like a fortune cookie! These little beauties make terrific add on gifts for crafty friends so with Christmas looming on the horizon it's a perfect time to give these a crack!



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